‘The Hub’  – a place to come to share ideas in an inviting, supportive, comforting and encouraging environment. A place where we can meet as a community of like minded creatives, gain insights from wedding industry professionals, make friends, have a jolly good time and most of all… Be inspired! 

Chosen Wedding Collective Presents – The Hub by Alice Underwood.

Chosen Wedding Collective

We’re taking everything that we’ve learnt from planning and running Chosen Wedding – in relation to the fair itself and the path through building your own business in the wedding industry – and applying this into a structured plan. These structured steps will be addressed by our guiding star speakers throughout the day and ultimately help you gain the knowledge and structure to push forward your creative business.

The experience will give you a clear path forward, help clarify any queries, questions or problems that you may have come up against, provide you with a business plan to follow forward and tighten up any ideas or media. It will give you an insight into the tips and tricks that todays industry leaders use and help empower and boost your confidence, aspirations and dreams. All of this whilst being surrounded by pretty, support and re-assurance. Oh thats not to mention the yummy food and goodies! You’ve helped make other peoples big important day’s wonderful – this one is for you.

So what’s it all about..?

The Hub is about growth. Its about meeting with and learning from other industry professionals, gaining an insight into topics that affect all of our creative businesses within the wedding industry.

Its about taking that information, letting it inspire us and moving our own ideas forward. Its about creating connection exchanges in a warm, inclusive and inviting environment. Its about finding support, encouragement and answers.

Its about empowering you from your fears and assisting you in lifting up your dreams.

Its about having a break from the norm of working life and visiting a place that will, without a doubt, give you your very own little twinkle of light up inspiration to cultivate and carry forward with you.

Its also about us stripping things back and providing all attendee’s with a beautiful, down to earth and accessible, inclusive day of education and networking.

Who is it for..?

It’s for anyone who truly wants to see their business bloom. It’s for anyone who’s wants to streamline their business with a new understanding of time management, of promotion, of managing finances or understanding branding or new ways of marketing. It’s for anyone who really wants to fast track themselves into a mind frame that helps their business push forward to a path where earning the amounts you are worth really aren’t so much of a dream anymore. Its for anyone who wants to learn, to meet other wedding industry professionals and who wants to do this in a relaxed and fun environment.

When and where will it be..?

The Hub will be located at the Art Pavilion, Mile End a stunning contemporary space known for its vast open space, light, creative exhibitions and weddings. It will take place on Friday 27th November 2015, with kick off at 10am until 5.30pm (with a little celebration afterwards!).

What about tickets..? 

  • Earlybird tickets are on sale now for a limited time only at £145.
  • Full prices tickets are £165.
  • Instalment options for payment are available.

Your ticket includes access to all of our guiding star speakers, welcome breakfast refreshments, lunch and after party drinks. You will also be presented with a fab goodie bag with exclusive business planning playsheets (because work is boring and in a creative business we must remember to play!) and access to our members forum to share, discuss, learn and keep in touch!

Subjects covered are: growing, branding, publicising, marketing, facing fears, cultivating creativity creating a life that you love and a business that works for you. Inspiration in abundance as standard!