Modern Wedding Films by This Modern Revelry


Film & Images by This Modern Revelry.

We’re crushing on This Modern Revelry, simply press play on any of the films below and you’ll see why.

Husband & wife-to-be, Laura and Alan, are fresh on the cinematic wedding scene and they create films that are fun, personal and well, just a bit cooler than the rest.

Their ethos is ‘Love Like Hell Yeah’ which means a no holds barred, fearless love with just a little bit of rebellion! They specialise in cutting together a film that’s interesting, engaging and has a cool vibe but still getting in those little moments that’ll bring on the cry-face whenever you watch it.

If that all sounds like your kind of thing, then read on to discover this awesome couple in more detail. Oh and look out for info on their ‘All the Details’ package as you can claim 15% off if you book before the end of February for your 2017 wedding.

Notes From This Modern Revelry

Laura & Alan:

We’ve been together for 7 years and are getting married ourselves this year (whoop!) at one of Coco Wedding Venue’s recommended venues no less. We definitely wouldn’t describe ourselves as traditional – in life and in business.

Our words to live by are ‘Love Like Hell Yeah’ – love that doesn’t apologise, is a little bit wild but most of all is modern love. This Modern Revelry exists for people who don’t want shot after shot of ‘this happened, then this’ but want to capture the feeling of the day: the fun, the style, the details and most importantly – the party. With a vibe that’s more at home in a music video than a party political broadcast.

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A Testimonial for The Fable, London


Images by Umbrella Studio.

We love the chaps over at Drake & Morgan and it appears we aren’t the only ones!

Indeed Shania & Nainik chose one of their city locations, The Fable, for their wedding reception and here’s what they have to say about this rather eclectic, unique and cool London wedding venue…

Notes from the Bride & Groom

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Coco Welcomes… The Fable


Feature Image courtesy of The Fable.

I’m thrilled to welcome The Fable to Coco Wedding Venues, the venue directory of choice for the discerning Bride & Groom.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away The Fable was created for the Drake & Morgan collection.

A veritable jewel box in the City of London, brimming with sparkling crystal, trinkets, treasures and unexpected surprises, The Fable offers seasonal food and cocktails alongside bespoke events, fascinating masterclasses and unique customised experiences.


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