Bhuti x The Bingham


Images by Timeless Pictures.

Monday mornings – I’m sure we all have our own routines to kick-start our week right…?

Well last Monday I was well and truly thrown when I stepped away from the usual desk position and headed to the picturesque Richmond-upon-Thames, where apparently bhuti lies within…

The story starts with The Bingham. I absolutely adore this venue. It’s graced these pages many a time and it’s been a personal bookmark for many a family occasion; so when I was asked if I wanted to make another visit to try out their brand new Spa called bhuti, there was only one answer.

Bhuti & The Bride

bhuti is an eco and wellbeing escape located a stones throw from the hotel. Offering a range of natural and organic spa treatments, bhuti is a perfect extension of The Bingham’s luxury ethos and offers a range of treatments designed to ensure you feel radiant from within. From yoga classes and nutrition workshops, to thermal detox massages and inner peace treatments, bhuti offers a treatment for everyone covering a range of Complementary therapies including Reiki, Acupuncture and Homeopathy, all carried out using only the finest natural and organic products proudly made in England.

You may have a small inclination by now that planning a wedding can be teensy bit stressful, so I personally think taking time out – whether it’s with your husband-to-be, with your girlfriends or just by yourself – is essential. You can therefore visit bhuti for a pick me up throughout your wedding planning or enjoy some pampering on the eve or morning of your big day. The stresses of wedmin and to-do lists can quite simply be left at the door as soon as you step into the idyllic and tranquil surroundings.

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Gift List Inspiration for the Groom!


Image by Horseshoe Photography.

There’s no hiding it, wedding gift lists often end up being ‘a girly thing’ for some reason. It’s basically shopping without the cost (which is fun for everyone) but can get commandeered by the bride by adding cute cushions and candle holders.

At Prezola, there’s something for everyone and for every style whether you’re into tech, food or adventure. Here’s a selection of items that we think the groom will love (and so will you!) and can even persuade him to get excited about gift lists!

Gifts for the Groom!


Ben Rothery Print, £30 – Decorate the man cave with some gentlemanly prints from up and coming artist Ben Rothery. His collection on Prezola has some breathtaking illustrations that look unbelievably real, alongside animals with higher fashion than Tom Hiddleston.

Foosball table, £112 – Possibly the ultimate dream for guys is to have their very own foosball table. This mini version will keep him happy for hours, and won’t take up too much room in the home either!

DeLonghi Espresso Machine in Gunmetal Grey, £199.99 – This bad boy will fulfil all of his coffee needs and comes in really cool colours such as Champagne, Black, White and Gunmetal Grey. It’s not so expensive that it will scare off your guests and will make him slightly less grumpy in the mornings too.

B&O Play Beolit Bluetooth Speaker, £399 –  This speaker is stylish and has excellent features that any music lover would go crazy for. Get the party started by playing music from your phone, or simply just to listen to while washing the dishes.

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Otaduy – Made by Women for Women


Images courtesy of Otaduy.

Glitter and mirror balls, the glamour of the endless parties of Studio 54 and New York in the seventies, David Bowie and Bianca Jagger riding onto the dance floor on horseback… Glamour and disco are two of the main sources of inspiration for the new Otaduy collection, ‘I Do’.

Otaduy is a new concept of bridal firm that is inspired by music, cinema and art, and specially designed for brides with personality, who really want to be themselves on their wedding day.

For Otaduy, each collection is unique, with its own heart and soul, its own body. In designing them, founder Carolina, takes inspiration from different moments, experiences and even feelings. But always staying true to the character of the brand and its particular sources of inspiration, which can be as simple as drinking coffee from a glass mug, putting on red lipstick to go to the cinema or listening to music while riding a bike on a pleasant spring evening. A brand that is always changing but always true to itself.

I’m kicking off this piece with Otaduy’s film… Because it’s all kinds of epic and after that intro it only seems fitting.

Enjoy this Friday bridal inspo gang!

Notes from Otaduy


Otaduy’s history begins with one of those brides who do not want to be the same as the rest! A friend of mine was worried about finding a dress that truly reflected her personality so we decided that I would design it, as a test, as an adventure! On her wedding day she was radiant and I was filled with excitement at being able to participate in that, so I decided that it was the beginning of another beautiful story, the story of my atelier.

For me, the best part of my job is to be able to create designs inspired by a range of different sources from art and cinema to music. I’ve created my own universe where I can explore and develop my creativity, where I feel comfortable and happy.

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A Real Bride’s Prezola Story


Images by Eddie Judd Photography.

Hello all!

Ali here again, and this time I’m joined by one of our Prezola brides, Gabi Sheen, who kindly shared her gift list story with us. Gabi and her husband Chris married on the 23rd of May 2015 at Almonry Barn in Somerset. After the fun of their wedding, which included a ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ station, they were treated to an amazing honeymoon, with special experiences on their trip coming from their friends and family through their Prezola list.

So we hope you enjoy reading through their adventures today!

Don’t forget, if you have any queries or fancy getting to know us a bit better, head on over to see us at or you can view our full Gift List Series here.

But for now, I’ll leave you in the hands of bride Gabi…


Notes from the Bride


Our honeymoon was planned by Chris, I left the whole thing up to him to plan. It meant there was one less thing for me to worry about and as Chris typically plans our summer holidays I wasn’t too worried about handing this responsibility over to him! I had a few musts – I wanted to have some sunshine at some point and some luxury too. Chris planned us the trip of a lifetime: 5 nights in Las Vegas, 9 nights in Montego Bay, Jamaica and we finished the trip with 5 nights in New York. I hadn’t been to any of these places and Las Vegas and New York were in my top list of dream destinations, so he did a great job!! We made such amazing memories that we will treasure forever…

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Liz Linkleter Event Planning & Design


Image by Robbins Photographic.

Liz Linkleter Event Planning & Design offers a comprehensive wedding planning and bespoke design service… And we’re smitten! Never twee, never ostentatious and rarely traditional, their weddings are understated but always creative and individual, steering clear of Pinterest styling clichés and one-size-fits-all design schemes.

No matter what your vision, Liz and her team will work closely with you to create something that speaks volumes about you as a couple. Known for creating weddings for discerning, style-conscious clients, they bring many years’ worth of experience working in the luxury fashion industry into everything they do.

So, if you need a little assistance with your planning and want to give your guests the party of a lifetime then read on my friends… You might also spot some of our gorgeous venues too!

Notes from Liz Linkleter


I founded Liz Linkleter Event Planning & Design following my own wedding – something a lot of wedding industry professionals say! Having amassed ten years’ experience in luxury fashion PR and event production, most recently at Alexander McQueen, I wanted to apply that style-conscious approach and sense of understated luxury to wedding planning and styling. I love nothing more than a party, and am constantly thinking of reasons to throw them – nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends going wild on the dancefloor. It’s an amazing feeling seeing my clients having the best day of their lives and knowing I have helped make that happen.

My passion is simple things when they are done well, seeking out the very best of beautiful, elegant design. I’m aware of trends, but I don’t feel compelled to follow them – in fact, I’ll help you navigate through all those Pinterest references your friends are copying, to create something truly stunning and timeless. Bringing together the meticulous organisation and production skills I’ve gathered through my career, and a creative flair that the fashion industry has helped to develop, I love to create weddings that are atmospheric, fun-filled and unforgettable.

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