Introducing the B.LOVED Hive Wedding Community

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Images by Anneli Marinovich Photography | Film by Story Of Your Day.

Fellow #girlboss Louise, founder of the B.LOVED blog, has been a big supporter of Coco Wedding Venues since our very early days. When we were just finding our feet in this crazy wedding industry world, her collaborative approach was truly welcomed and we’ve loved working with Louise and her curated network of incredible suppliers.

Back in 2014, B.LOVED had a little facelift and since the relaunch I’ve been part of the Lifestyle team of writers (you can read my offerings on travel, fashion and interiors here) and it’s been a great experience belonging to this diverse blogging brand.

Louise is an entrepreneur through and through and I’m pretty proud to be supporting her next adventure, so excuse me brides-to-be whilst I take over this blog space to shout about a really exciting opportunity for the wedding industry!

Who knows, planning your own wedding may just lead you to become a part of the B.LOVED Hive one day too…

The B.LOVED Hive

The Hive:

Bridal & Lifestyle Blog B.LOVED set to launch Wedding Community – The B.LOVED Hive!

Louise Beukes, founder of award-winning UK bridal and lifestyle blog B.LOVED is delighted to announce the start of a Kickstarter campaign which is set to launch London’s first dedicated co-working space and community for the wedding industry.

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A Festive Note from Coco…


Coco Wedding Venues.

As they say, that’s all folks!

Yep, this is our final post of 2015… Which is rather odd, because it seems like only yesterday I was writing the 2014 note!

I do hope you’ll excuse us as we take a few days off to enjoy the festive celebrations! Much like a good ol’ wedding, Christmas is a time for friends and family and I’m ready to thoroughly embrace everything this special time of year means.

Being a small business (when I say small, I mean just me on a day-to-day basis!) it can be a little hard to fully switch off. Whilst the boy and I aren’t shy of a holiday or two, having online businesses does mean they tend to follow us around the globe, but Christmas is the one time I do step away from the screen and relax. Plus after a decade in retail it’s still a bit of a novelty having the luxury of taking this time of year off!

2015 has been epic… We’ve discovered lots of beautiful venues (we now feature over 250 locations don’t ya know!), we’ve met and worked with some incredible suppliers on our shoots, we’ve been published in print and online across the world, we were Highly Commended for Best Big Day Inspiration at The Wedding Blog Awards, we’ve launched two new style categories and we’ve conducted our very first reader survey.

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Year Two…


Image by Horseshoe Photography.

I’m being a bit indulgent today and taking over this little piece of my blog as it’s our two year wedding anniversary. Yep, two whole years since this day. If you’ve been with Coco since the beginning you’ll know this directory was started because of my own wedding planning journey and my business dream became a reality thanks to this lovely, lovely man’s support and love.

I’ve been a wife now for 731 days and not one of those days has gone by without me looking down at my wedding rings and adoring their very presence. The indentation that’s now firmly noted on my skin when I remove them feels like a constant reminder that this boy really has made a deep mark on my life, in a relatively short space of time.

As I type this, he’s currently outside prodding at the BBQ with our pup at his feet and a book in hand. It’s a summery Sunday evening and I’m sipping on a Hendricks & Rose Lemonade (it’s yum – try it!), figuring out my to-do list for the impending week and it dawns on me once again “how did I get so lucky…?”.

Whilst I embrace these reflective and warming moments, I know it won’t always be this picture-perfect. Life will happen, our paths will change (for better and for worse) and we’ll continue to grow as individuals and as a couple. As I mentioned, Year One was hard, we didn’t exactly have that newlywed glow; we both started new businesses, our first steps into parenthood (errr… with a dog) made us realise we’ll probably never be ready for sleepless nights and it was a year of starting-up, in more ways than one.


Peter Pan Adventures & My B.loved Hat


Image courtesy of The Sarojin.

“To live will be an awfully big adventure…” {Peter Pan}

I’m taking the advice of one Peter Pan and I’m off on an adventure as of today, like right now, I’m packing as you read this no doubt! Yep folks, the boy and I are off for a little sun.

Whilst the Christmas holidays were only like, ummm, yesterday it’s been a ridiculously busy couple of months for Coco Wedding Venues which has been ace and crazy all at the same time! I’ve loved every minute, but it’s time to refresh ahead of the new season, also I want to give spring a couple of weeks to bed in, so I’m off to lands far, far away.

The blog will be taking on a slightly different schedule for the next two weeks and you can find the usual pretty on these pages Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Plus you may spot the odd new additions in the Venue Finder popping up!

But if you fancy a Coco fix of a different kind, you could always check out my other blogging guise – that of Lifestyle Writer for the luxe & lovely B.LOVED blog.

I write for the gorgeous gal Louise on all things interiors and travels, which will also include the odd venue tour (Boconnoc coming soon!). It’s such a wonderful community to belong to and you’ll find fabulous wedding advice and inspiration, through to lifestyle, fashion and of course baby in ‘Little B’.

I’ve popped some of my features below for you to explore… You will also find my top spring picks for the home appearing this afternoon so keep your eyes peeled for that one interiors lovers!



A Festive Note from Coco…


Coco Wedding Venues.

Well that’s it, the last of the Christmas Cards have been written, the tree is up and the presents are just about wrapped! Oh and speaking of wrapped, it’s most certainly a wrap for Coco Wedding Venues as we’re now off to start our festive celebrations with friends and family…

This is the second Christmas note I’ve written under the guise of Coco and it feels ace to have reached our one year business milestone. We’ve spent 2014 meeting some incredible people, collaborating with a whole host of talented suppliers and of course growing our collection of gorgeous and unique wedding venues – all handpicked to feature by yours truly.

So a quick toast to our venues, raise your glasses to the Class of 2014 – you’re all EPIC!

I can’t wait for the festive season, I’m taking a break to be with my boy and enjoy some home comforts. It’s also our first Christmas with little Gatsby (our precious Yorkshire Terrier puppy) so I’m excited to spoil the little poppet on Christmas Day!

What are your plans lovelies…?

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