Coastal Cool

Coco Wedding Venues - Coco Style - Coastal Cool.

Falling in love lead me to the sea… My boy lived in Brighton and in a heartbeat I found myself moving my landlocked life to be with him in his beautiful coastal townhouse. Now, when I wake up and look out of our bedroom window I can see the sea. In the summer it glistens

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Let’s Get Personal

Coco Wedding Venues is my passion. It’s my new venture, my baby and a reflection of my taste and personal style. I wanted to create something for Brides and Grooms-to-be that was not only functional and informative but ultimately stylish and something they could relate to… These are the things I wanted for Coco Wedding

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Coco Collection… The Wedding Venues

Things are about to get really good! In more ways than one… What a fabulous first week for the Coco Blog! Thank you so much for the lovely comments, shares, likes and support for our new venture. If you’ve just discovered us then it’s probably best you start here and read a little about The

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Bohemian Beats

Coco Wedding Venues Bohemian Beats Style Category

I always envisaged being a Bohemian Beats Bride… But somehow I ended up in the Rustic Glam camp and altogether more traditional… But that’s another story for another day… Introducing the first of our Coco Wedding Style Categories… My beloved Bohemian Beats. Come on let’s take a look… the vibe For me the Bohemian Beats

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The Coco Story

Coco Wedding Venues - Our Story.

Feature Image by Horseshoe Photography. Goodness… I’m excited. I guess I should firstly say welcome to The Coco Wedding Venues Blog! I think to kick things off it would probably be appropriate to introduce who I am and what I’m doing here in this beautiful world of weddings… So folks… Ready…? Then I shall begin…

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