The Coco Style Edit

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So that’s it folks… All six Coco Style categories have been introduced – Bohemian Beats, Coastal Cool, City Chic, Modern Vintage, Classic Elegance and Rustic Romance. Now if you are only just discovering Coco Wedding Venues then you might want to go right back to the beginning and read The Coco Story… This will give

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Rustic Romance

Coco Wedding Venues - Rustic Romance - Feature Image by McKinley-Rodgers.

This is it – the final piece of the Coco puzzle my lovelies. The time has come to introduce the last of the Coco Style Categories… Rustic Romance. It was this wedding style that was my chosen one, along with a dash of Modern Vintage. For Rustic Romance think back to nature, mismatched attire, tweed, lace, freshly

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Paris in the Autumn

Last weekend the boy and I left our Brighton townhouse and swapped it for a studio apartment made for two in Le Marais, our favourite little corner of Paris… Now a professional photographer I am not, but I do love to capture our adventures. However, whilst we were away it poured with torrential rain so

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Coco Collection… A Road Trip

Coco Collection.

This is fast becoming one of my favourite moments of the week… Not only because it’s the day I get to have an indulgently lazy morning with the boy eating naughty croissants and sipping on steaming coffee, but it’s also the day I get to share with you our equally delicious collection of Coco Wedding

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Classic Elegance

Coco Wedding Venues - Classic Elegance - Wedding Style Category - Feature Image.

I have written this next edit with my very best girl in mind… My beautiful, classically elegant Maid of Honour. Now I probably shouldn’t be imagining her wedding for two reasons… Firstly her gorgeous boy is yet to pop the question (although I have a secret wager on the whens and wheres!) and secondly… It’s not

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