Coco Wedding Venues… The Big Launch

Coco Wedding Venues - Coco Launch.

Coco Wedding Venues has officially launched! Huzzah! Yes it was all very exciting in Coco HQ this week and when we pressed the button, and finally put our little creation out there for all to see, we sat with bated breath for the response… And boy what a response! Thank you to all the lovely

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December’s Floral Highlights

Coco and Amber Persia December Floral Highlights Feature Image.

Here is the first of our lovely floral inspiration from Amber of Amber Persia Flowers & Events

If you missed Amber’s little introduction to Coco then do go and have a look, say hello and check out her glorious portfolio… It’s to-die-for folks!

For now I’ll hand you over to the gorgeous lady herself…

notes from Amber

Where flowers are concerned, December is the month of contrasts.

On the one hand you have the rich, Baroque shades of anemones, tulips and violas with their jewel hues of amethyst, claret and rich sapphire blue. These colours give a wonderfully luxurious feel which, combined with their exquisite touch reminiscent of the texture of velvet, gives an impression of sheer opulence, of roaring log fires and flickering candlelight.

On the other hand you have the crisp, clean lines of amaryllis, the intricate detail of muscari and the whimsical romance of mistletoe – all in countless shades of white.

Set against the foil of winter foliage these evoke images of chilled champagne in crystal flutes, twinkling lights and walking on a snowy winter’s morning.

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Coco’s Instagram: November

Top Row Left: A little bit of inspiration from Roald Dahl. Top Row Middle: Love the style of Blair Eadie and it got me all excited for my Parisian jaunt. Top Row Right: I pretty much planned my best girls wedding in the Classic Elegance edit. Second Row Left: We received our beautiful wedding film from

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Details Matter

I may have said this before but I’m a details fiend. Details matter and it looks like Charles Eames agrees with me too… My long-suffering techie of a husband may not. This week in Coco HQ I have been super busy writing the beautiful bespoke listings for each and every one of the venues in

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Coco Collection… Classic meets Hidden Gem

Lucy & Scott at River Cottage_Helen-Lisk-Photography_RMW -1-2.

Oh boy do we have a treat for you this morning… I can’t tell you how flipping excited I am to have these beautiful wedding venues on board with Coco. It’s an amazing privilege to be working with such delicious places and delightful people… We have a Classic Country House on offer today and two

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