Coco’s Instagram: November

Top Row Left: A little bit of inspiration from Roald Dahl. Top Row Middle: Love the style of Blair Eadie and it got me all excited for my Parisian jaunt. Top Row Right: I pretty much planned my best girls wedding in the Classic Elegance edit. Second Row Left: We received our beautiful wedding film from

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Details Matter

I may have said this before but I’m a details fiend. Details matter and it looks like Charles Eames agrees with me too… My long-suffering techie of a husband may not. This week in Coco HQ I have been super busy writing the beautiful bespoke listings for each and every one of the venues in

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Coco Collection… Classic meets Hidden Gem

Lucy & Scott at River Cottage_Helen-Lisk-Photography_RMW -1-2.

Oh boy do we have a treat for you this morning… I can’t tell you how flipping excited I am to have these beautiful wedding venues on board with Coco. It’s an amazing privilege to be working with such delicious places and delightful people… We have a Classic Country House on offer today and two

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The Coco Style Edit

Coco Style Category Icons copy.

So that’s it folks… All six Coco Style categories have been introduced – Bohemian Beats, Coastal Cool, City Chic, Modern Vintage, Classic Elegance and Rustic Romance. Now if you are only just discovering Coco Wedding Venues then you might want to go right back to the beginning and read The Coco Story… This will give

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Rustic Romance

Coco Wedding Venues - Rustic Romance - Feature Image by McKinley-Rodgers.

This is it – the final piece of the Coco puzzle my lovelies. The time has come to introduce the last of the Coco Style Categories… Rustic Romance. It was this wedding style that was my chosen one, along with a dash of Modern Vintage. For Rustic Romance think back to nature, mismatched attire, tweed, lace, freshly

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