DIY: The Simple Alternative to the Christmas Wreath

Coco Wedding Venues DIY Christmas Door Wreath.

I love nice things. I also love to make nice things. So I get a little bit happy at this time of year… Yep, Christmas gets me all sorts of excited when it comes to getting crafty and creative. This weekend in the Coco household we are decorating the house for the fast-approaching festivities. First point

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Coco Wedding Venues Needs You

Coco Wedding Venues - Lifeline Photography.

On Tuesday I shared my Wedding Venues Search Tips… Because I’m nice like that.

But today lovelies, I’m searching for something from you.

I’m looking for real Brides and real Grooms.

Excited…? Good.

Let me explain in a little more detail…

Our Venues

As you will see, if you take a little stroll through the pages of Coco Wedding Venues, we showcase our beautiful wedding venues through bespoke write-ups and stunning moodboard-esque galleries.

The photographs used are a mixture of ‘dry’ photos of the venue spaces as well as stunning real-wedding imagery.

Coco Wedding Venues - Coco Needs You - Wedding Portraits.

Top Row Left: Image via Dominique Bader. Top Row Right: Image via Emma Case. Bottom Row: Image via Craig + Kate.

By using photographs of real-weddings our lovely, newly-engaged couples can see the venue in action, allow them to envisage their own wedding styles and of course take inspiration from the delicious decor and details.

So, with this in mind I would love to hear from gorgeous couples, who happen to be linked to one of our stunning venues and are happy to share their journey…

Is that you…?

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Coco’s Wedding Venues Search Tips

Coco Wedding Venues - Preston Court - Debs Ivelja.

Feature Image by Debs Ivelja.

So you’re engaged… Congratulations lovelies!

Know what you’re doing…? No…? Ummm… I didn’t either.

Once the festivities of the initial engagement news have fizzled, the next big question on everyone’s lips will be when and where will the big day take place…? Yep folks it’s time to get to the nitty gritty of actually planning your wedding.

This is a big thing. Huge.

In fact for most people it will be the biggest project they take on… For those who aren’t a Project Manager / Stylist / Florist / Accountant (you get the picture) the whole process can be a little daunting. Now I do have some experience in managing events and managing people. In a previous life it was kind of my job. But when it came to planning my own day, I too felt a little lost sometimes. So I’d like to help… With one area at least. For many, this will be the first and most important step – The Wedding Venue search.

Coco Wedding Venues, Iscoyd Park, Shropshire.

Image by Jo Hastings at Iscoyd Park.

The venues in the Coco Collection have all been chosen for their style, luxury and expertise when it comes to hosting beautiful weddings – so you are in very safe hands with these friendly folks!

However, each Wedding Venue is individual and of course, very special, so to help you get the most from your Wedding Venues search and to ensure you can paint the W-Day of your dreams upon your chosen Wedding Venue, I have put together a list of questions and tips…

I thought I would share some of these tit-bits with you today…

Let’s get started shall we…?

The Basics

  • Is the venue licensed for Civil Ceremonies?
  • Can the venue hold the Ceremony and Reception?
  • What local authority does the venue come under?
  • What is the venue capacity for both the ceremony and dinner?
  • Does the venue have a specific suppliers list they would prefer you to work with?
  • What is included in the hire price? (Hint: Catering, Coordinator, Accommodation etc)
  • If the venue has its own caterers does the price include a tasting?
  • How flexible is the catering to suit your wedding style? (Meze boards, sharing platters, hog roasts, BBQs, formal dining, street food?)
  • Will your wedding be the only wedding at the venue on the day? If not, how many weddings do they hold in one day?
  • Can you hire the venue exclusively?

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Coco Wedding Venues… The Big Launch

Coco Wedding Venues - Coco Launch.

Coco Wedding Venues has officially launched! Huzzah! Yes it was all very exciting in Coco HQ this week and when we pressed the button, and finally put our little creation out there for all to see, we sat with bated breath for the response… And boy what a response! Thank you to all the lovely

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December’s Floral Highlights

Coco and Amber Persia December Floral Highlights Feature Image.

Here is the first of our lovely floral inspiration from Amber of Amber Persia Flowers & Events

If you missed Amber’s little introduction to Coco then do go and have a look, say hello and check out her glorious portfolio… It’s to-die-for folks!

For now I’ll hand you over to the gorgeous lady herself…

notes from Amber

Where flowers are concerned, December is the month of contrasts.

On the one hand you have the rich, Baroque shades of anemones, tulips and violas with their jewel hues of amethyst, claret and rich sapphire blue. These colours give a wonderfully luxurious feel which, combined with their exquisite touch reminiscent of the texture of velvet, gives an impression of sheer opulence, of roaring log fires and flickering candlelight.

On the other hand you have the crisp, clean lines of amaryllis, the intricate detail of muscari and the whimsical romance of mistletoe – all in countless shades of white.

Set against the foil of winter foliage these evoke images of chilled champagne in crystal flutes, twinkling lights and walking on a snowy winter’s morning.

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