Classic Elegance

Coco Wedding Venues - Classic Elegance - Wedding Style Category - Feature Image.

I have written this next edit with my very best girl in mind… My beautiful, classically elegant Maid of Honour. Now I probably shouldn’t be imagining her wedding for two reasons… Firstly her gorgeous boy is yet to pop the question (although I have a secret wager on the whens and wheres!) and secondly… It’s not

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Modern Vintage

Feature Image for Modern Vintage. Photography by Anna Clarke.

Image by Anna Clarke Photography. Oh gosh… Well I guess a little part of me was a Modern Vintage Bride. I think I fell in love with this style initially because of the romantic connotations of a time gone by… Also the details are pretty epic. I’m a details fiend. For me the Modern Vintage

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Coco Collection… The Wedding Venues

Coco Wedding Venues - Coco Collection - The Wedding Venues.

It’s Saturday folks… This can only mean one thing. The Coco Collection. Now it’s around this time each week I’ll be talking about the goings on in Coco HQ and of course showcasing a small sample of the beautiful venues we have on board. Our Wedding Venue Directory is looking amazing (if I do say

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City Chic

Coco Wedding Venues - City Chic Wedding Style - Feature Image by Emma Case.

I love the City. Any City. The pace, the vibe, the action, the people… It’s electric being a part of a metropolis. My previous career saw me running around London doings lots of fashiony things and I loved the day-to-day buzz of being in this hub. So for me, City Chic is up there with

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Coastal Cool

Coco Wedding Venues - Coco Style - Coastal Cool.

Falling in love lead me to the sea… My boy lived in Brighton and in a heartbeat I found myself moving my landlocked life to be with him in his beautiful coastal townhouse. Now, when I wake up and look out of our bedroom window I can see the sea. In the summer it glistens

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