November’s Floral Highlights


Feature Image by Amber Persia.

For those of you who have been following the Floral Highlights series, this is the final chapter.

Yes, it’s been a year (can you believe it!) since Amber starting putting her monthly floral picks to paper, so to speak. Oh but what a note to end on, as we listen to the story of how this last month of Autumn whispers faintly of Spring.

It’s delightful.

Read on lovelies…

Notes from Amber

The nights are drawing in and Winter is fast approaching, yet in the flower markets we are already glimpsing the first hints of Spring. Potted bulbs; narcissi, muscari (perhaps better known as grape hyacinths), amaryllis and hyacinths, are just peeking through the soil.

For refined elegance imagine delicate antique glasses planted up with tiny bulbs of muscari for each guest, with their place card propped up against it; the perfect wedding favour to take home, nurture and enjoy!

For a more rustic approach, aged terracotta flower pots of differing shapes and sizes brimming with bulbs, some flowering others just peeping through the moss, look stunning surrounding doorways or lining windowsills. Stick with a single variety used en masse or take inspiration from traditional herbaceous borders and arrange varieties in natural waves.

Or follow the trend for long tables; a fabulous table runner ladened with potted bulbs, posies of Spring blooms, single stem vases to showcase the exquisite detail of these fragrant beauties, and masses of candles for a relaxed yet considered approach.

And those vivid pops of colour – yellows, oranges and the occasional splash of blue – are perfect for those looking for a touch of fun in their wedding flowers and are bound to bring a spring to your step…

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October’s Floral Highlights


Feature Image by Amber Persia.

Ok we’re nearly there folks… The weather has most definitely taken a turn and this excites me. Mostly because I have a rather fetching new AW14 coat that I simply HAVE to wear. With my lust for Autumn gearing up a notch, today’s Floral Highlights is right up my street.

Just look at these October picks by Amber Persia

Notes from Amber

Where flowers are concerned October is a season of two halves. On the one hand you have the rich earthy colours of the Autumnal pickings; deliciously scented and oh so delicate chocolate cosmos, burnished conkers, preserved beech leaves and the antique shades of hydrangeas. Add in aged wooden tabletops, natural linen runners, rusted garden urns and chunky pillar candles and you have a perfect rustic table for a laid back Autumn wedding.

On the other hand we have the beginning of winter; striking amaryllis with their stately presence, the gorgeous jewel colours of the first of the new season’s anemones and deliciously scented narcissi direct from the Scilly Isles. Finish with opulent trimmings; bouquets tied with velvet ribbons in rich Baroque shades and tables laden with elaborate candelabras and masses of twinkling votives all add to the sophisticated glamour.

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September’s Floral Highlights


Feature Image by Amber Persia.

I am happy.

Why…? Because it’s Autumn my friends.

This is my favourite time of year and, rather secretly, I’ve been looking forward to the last of the summer days. I say secretly, because when living in a seaside town it’s not really cool to be seen frantically waving goodbye to the sun and holiday-esque mood!

But… from the change in air to the change in fashion, I’m all in when it comes to this season.

So it’s a pleasure to welcome back our in-house Florist Amber Persia for some guidance to this month’s wedding flowers.

Notes from Amber

I love having seasons! Only last month we were talking about garden parties and Pimms and yet suddenly there’s a chill in the air, the trees are beginning to shed their leaves, and September signifies the beginning of Autumn.

September offers a wealth of possibilities; think fern leaves and wonderful grasses, bronze sunflowers and sheaths of wheat. Consider textures as well as colours and make the most of Autumnal fruit; blackberries, figs, rose hips and boughs of apples all add to the rich and bountiful feel.

And have fun with those finishing details; a russet tinted pear on each place setting, bowls brimming with cob nuts to decorate the tables, swags of hops for the bar. Let your imagination run wild…

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August’s Floral Highlights


Feature Image by Amber Persia.

I’m not a squealy kind of person.

But guaranteed, every time I receive the Floral Highlights from Amber Persia I get a little bit giddy. Not least because this time round, Amber also sent a photo of Hector (the pup) helping out in the studio! Too. Cute.

This August edition is ridiculously pretty, it’s also close to my own heart…

I was an August Bride.

The boy and I married in an English Garden on a hot summer’s day and we were surrounded by the heady scent of roses – It was all deliciously romantic.

So I am, of course, loving today’s wedding flower picks…

Notes from Amber

A fabulous summer garden party in a beautiful walled garden, Pimms on the lawn, the scent of gorgeous and oh so romantic roses. That’s what I think of when I imagine August so my Floral Highlight for this holiday month has to be the scented garden rose.

Their exquisite beauty, whether in bud or just as the colour is fading and petals are about to fall, intense fragrance and hint of nostalgia ensure the garden rose is the quintessential British summer flower.

Whether your love is for the big and blousy, such as Prince Jardenier, with its saucer sized blooms in the palest blush pink, delicate spray roses (the one in the photo is English Miss), just perfect for hair flowers and tiny flower girls, or something bold and striking such as Purple Tiger, there are some simply gorgeous scented garden roses – so go out, explore, and don’t forget to smell the roses.

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July’s Floral Highlights

It seems peach is a running theme this week…

Yes lovelies, Amber has gone and done it again with this months Floral Highlights – below is a peachy pink dream of a flower with a gorgeous write up and a summary of July’s fave picks.

Amber has a real eye for choosing the unusual and I love her for it, her write-ups bring to life the personality and meaning behind each flower and I, for one, am loving this series

Over to the lady herself…

Notes from Amber

From the perfectly named ‘Cafe au Lait’ with its petals the colour of the froth on a cappuccino to the brightest, boldest ‘Babylon Magenta’ whose colouring verges on the fluorescent so vibrant is it, my Floral Highlight for July would have to be the dahlia.

It makes me smile just to write that as, until last year, I was a true floral snob, believing dahlias to be solely the garish poms-poms reminiscent of Christmas decorations of old; how wrong I was!

With a colour palette that extends from pure white through gradients of yellow, every shade of pink, a rich array of reds that touch on dramatic crimson black to the aforementioned orange pom-poms there are dahlias which either blend subtly or contrast strikingly with every bridal colour scheme.

So if you are getting married in July, put your floral prejudices aside and consider the humble dahlia.

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