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by Emma Hla

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Following on from last weeks Pinterest Peek of The Wedding Dress Shot, I thought we’d take a look at the next, most obvious accompaniment to a girls wedding outfit checklist…

The Shoe.

Now, for some Brides-to-be, the wedding shoes just aren’t a huge factor and some may even argue that most of the time they won’t even be seen under layers of lace and tulle, so why the expense!

But… I got the fever. The shoe fever.

I just couldn’t help myself.

Coco Wedding Venues - Pinterest Peek - The Shooe - Jemma Keech Photography.

Image by Jemma Keech Photography.

sky’s the limit

Now, it’s very rare to find me in a pair of skyscraper heels and you will invariably find me running around in a flat / trainer option…

However, when I do wear a pair of heels they need to be magical.

In fact, I have been know to swoon a bit over a gorgeous pair of shoes.

Your wedding day is a great reason for a splurge… isn’t it..?

Coco Wedding Venues - Pinterest Peek - The Shoe.

Top Row Left: Image by Debra Eby. Top Row Right: Image by Taylor Lord Photography. Second Row Left: Image by KT Merry. Second Row Right: Image by Lane Dittoe. Bottom Row Left: Image via Pinterest. Bottom Row Right: Image by Stacy Able.

Feeling Flat

If however, the heeled Bridal shoe just isn’t for you, but you still want something a little bit special then check out these alternatives…

From glittering trainers, to lace booties to a flat version of the to-die-for Valentino…

Coco Wedding Venues - Pinterest Peek - The Shoe.

Top Row Left: Image by Heather Waraska Photography. Top Row Right: Image via Wish Wish Wish. Second Row: Image by Robbins Photographic. Third Row Left: Image by Julia of Our Labor of Love. Third Row Right: Image by Shannon Jayne Photography. Bottom Row Left: Image by Union Eleven Photographers. Bottom Row Right: Image via BHLDN.

not a bride in sight

Maybe for some of you even the hint of the palest tones of Bridal white or the sparkly signature of a Bride-to-be just makes you feel… well… just a bit ick.

Then fear not, go with a simple shoe that you can wear again, a bohemian sandal for summer fancies or a colourblock heel to clash with traditions.

Coco Wedding Venues - Pinterest Peek - The Shoe.

Top Row Left: Image by Shane Shepherd. Top Row Right: Image by Joyelle West Photography. Second Row Left: Image by Erika Gerdemark Photography. Second Row Right: Image by Pinterest. Third Row: Image by Rhys Parker. Fourth Row Left: Image via No 6 Store. Fourth Row Right: Image via Style Me Pretty. Fifth Row Right: Image via Pinterest. Fifth Row Right: Image by Tessa J.

So which camp are you in…?

Sky’s the limit…? Feeling Flat…? Or maybe you’re a non-Bride-Bride.


I’m in the first camp…

My own glittering champagne Jimmy’s were a luxurious addition to my wedding ensemble and are without doubt the one and only time I’ll probably splurge on a shoe.

Coco Wedding Venues - Pinterest Peek - The Shoe - Image by Horseshoe Photography.

Image by Horseshoe Photography.

These beauties now sit beneath a Bell Jar in my guest bedroom, preserved… Until I feel the need to rock them out again!

Make sure you check out The Bride | Shoe on my Pinterest… There’s more delicious styles to inspire your own Bridal shoe purchasing!

As well as other lovely treats of the wedding variety…

Lots of love…

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