How to Style a Loft Space Wedding Venue


Images by Maxeen Kim Photography.

I have a major crush on loft style spaces so when I came across the JJ Studios portfolio back in 2015 I knew I had to have them in our collection. More than that, I knew I had to shoot in one of their spaces.

Tropics in the City was born and we chose Wimbourne House as our base. It’s still one of my favourite shoots we’ve worked on – bold, bright and sexy it shows you how to add the current trend of brights and greenery to a wedding. But today isn’t about this shoot or this look, it’s about showing you how versatile a blank canvas space can be – in particular Wimbourne House.

Wimbourne House is home to one of London’s premiere photographic studios, located in Shoreditch. When I first visited, I knew this space was something very special indeed – a blank canvas London wedding venue like no other.

Back in November I attended The Hub held at Wimbourne House, a fabulous day for wedding entrepreneurs to gather, learn and meet. It’s always such an honour to be invited to this event and the lady behind it, Kiki-Sunshine Boonwaat, is just an all-round beautiful person.

Kiki had curated an incredible team of suppliers to style the space for the day – rather similar to a wedding set up there was an area for the speakers to address the audience (ceremony!), a gorgeous gathering of trestle tables for our delicious lunch (wedding breakfast!) and even a little spot for photos and chilling (party!).

The colours, florals and overall vibe were completely different to how we used the space and I was utterly smitten with it all. Delicate, pretty and soft, the palettes worked perfectly with the rawness of the venue.

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The Hub {A Workshop for the Wedding Industry}


Images by Eulanda Shead Photography.

Sunday mornings are bliss aren’t they…?

If you’re anything like me then right now you’re still in your PJ’s reading a magazine, pinning pretty W-day stuff on Pinterest, catching up with your fave blogs and planning all of the things you need to do and/or buy. In my particular picture I also have coffee, a puppy and a husband sitting next to me.

So people, whatever your Sunday looks like, make sure you add “learning about The Hub to your list of things to do today!


Back in June I attended The Hub as one of their speakers. Kiki, founder of Chosen Wedding and creator of The Hub, had asked me to talk about business start-ups and beautiful branding and I’m not going to lie, it was a little terrifying.

After leaving the corporate fashion retail world back in 2013 it’s been a loooong time since I’ve had to make any kind of presentation or speech. However I survived and the rather gorgeous ladies in the audience didn’t boo me off so that’s a bonus.

My anxieties aside, I need to tell you about the day itself because despite it being a nerve-wracking thing for me to do on a personal level, it was also a pretty awesome and inspiring event to attend. The room was was electric with excitement, inspiration and ambition. These are the very people that make weddings rock and I felt super lucky to be amongst this group of creators.

Before I say anything more (and tell you about why you need to buy your own ticket to the next event in November!) you should probably just watch this film…

Chosen Wedding Collective Presents – The Hub from Alice Underwood.

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The Chosen Wedding Collective presents The Hub!


“Coco Wedding Venues has captured the imagination of Brides and wedding industry professionals alike. This beautiful, style-focused wedding venue directory and blog has carved a special niche in a crowded marketplace and won numerous fans along the way…”

Yep, that’s us, according to our fancy Official Bio page! *ahem*

But Coco is also much more… To me anyway. This website makes me very happy, it’s allowed me the chance to explore my creative side, it’s given me the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome people and it has enabled me to reach a lifestyle balance that once seemed like a dream. So, as well as the official blurbage, Coco is also a thirty-something year old girl who quit her job in the city to chase a lightbulb moment and a dream of helping fellow Brides-to-be.

So with this in mind, today’s post is for those of you in the wedding industry, or indeed for those of you who have loved planning your wedding so much so, that you too have experienced a lightbulb moment of your own! If you fall into one of these two categories then you’ll absolutely want to know all about The Hub, created by Chosen Wedding Collective founder Kiki-Sunshine Boonwaat.

The Hub is a place to come to share ideas in an inviting, supportive, comforting and encouraging environment. A place where we can meet as a community of like minded creatives, gain insights from wedding industry professionals, make friends, have a jolly good time and most of all… Be inspired!

The Hub is happening on 5th June and Kiki is here to explain it all in a little more detail… Oh and yes, you might spot my mush below! I’m one of the guest speakers!

The chosen wedding collective


Kiki: If you don’t know me through Chosen Wedding then let me tell you a few things about myself.

Firstly, I really, really love my dog. I also love working from home, I love being my own boss and able to have time to do things my own way and on my own terms. I love the quality of life that it gives me and the time it allows me to spend with my dog or peacefully able to think about things that interest and inspire me without squeezing that into a busy commute and bumping into armpits.

I love being creative. And when I say creative I mean creative to the point where something has been made – whether its dinner, through baking, creating a photograph or a sketch or an Instagram photograph. If I’m not actively creative I often get to the point where I feel frustrated for days and can’t quite figure out why until it hits me. Its a need, a must and a food for my soul.

I guess its that urge to create that led me into doing what I do today. I started fresh out of studying a degree in Fine Art Photography to trying to sell my own products in markets around London. Progressed to organising my own designer maker markets and then on to organising Chosen Wedding Fairs.

Over the past 6 years of doing so I’ve worked with around 3,000 other creatives too. And somehow I managed to bag a whopping 7 years corporate sales and relationship development under my belt. I guess I’ve learnt a little bit about being creative, about being frustrated (the corporate environment helped with that!) and about moving your business forward.


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